Thanks, clarifications and hints

No, there is not a new port (done)! This post is just to address some concerns that have been raised recently.

First of all, I would like to thank some guys who have really helped me with my job: Antonio Gomes (a.k.a tonikitoo) and Tomaz Noleto who taught me how to port the fonts and the Greasemonkey Add-ons. Andre Pedralho who helped me work on the MicroB spell checker, dictionaries and Adblock Plus porting. And finally a special thanks to Wladimir Palant, the Adblock Plus creator and maintainer, who warned me about a security bug in my port and who inspired me on to write this post.

I was informed by Wladimir that some "Adblock Plus for MicroB" users have looked for help in the official ABP forums. Unfortunately he will not help any of those users there. If you have any doubt, suggestion or complaining about any port we have done, you can subscribe yourself to our list, send it to us and we will reply you as soon as we have a good answer.

As Wladimir suggested in Adblock Plus official blog all the ported extensions will be renamed. Actually, the packages name will remain the same, but some configuration files would reference me and/or the guy who performed the porting and the port itself.

I hope to release a new port in the coming weeks. I'm just trying to make it work on the microb-engine (1.0.3-5) available in the maemo repository. I asked Pedralho to test the new port on a newer microb-engine version (1.0.4-5) and it worked fine!

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