Firefox and MicroB get a new spell checker

Hunspell is an open source spell checker engine and has been added to Firefox 3 development code replacing previous MySpell engine that currently ships Firefox 2.x. It provides advantages including support for Asian languages, Unicode support, morphological analysis and support for complex compounds and Agglutinative languages including Basque, Estonian and Finnish.

The spell checker extension for MicroB is now available for OS2008 users (OS2007 and earlier are not supported). Get the installer here and check the features:

  • Misspelled words are underlined in red just like they are in Firefox.

  • Double tapping on a misspelled word provides a list of suggested corrections. In addition, user can ignore the current word or add it to the dictionary.

  • User can also choose the dictionary to be used by the spell checker.


Firefox dictionaries are fully compatible with Hunspell and can be easily packaged into a MicroB dictionary extension (see this howto). I have already packaged the following dictionaries:

If you have any problems with creating your own dictionary package or issues in general, contact our development mailing list.

Setting preferences

The preferences above can be found in the MicroB about:config page.

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