Greasemonkey for MicroB

Greasemonkey is a powerful Mozilla Firefox extension that can be used to customize web page content, layout and functionality, fix rendering bugs, combine data from multiple web pages, and numerous other purposes. This is done using JavaScript.

"When the user loads a matching page Greasemonkey invokes the relevant scripts, which can then add to the page, delete parts of it, or move parts around. Greasemonkey scripts can also poll external HTTP resources via a non-domain-restricted XMLHTTP request". Greasemonkey, Wikipedia

Users can now use hundreds of already available GM scripts for their favorite web sites.

Installing Greasemonkey

To install Greasemonkey, get the installer here, open and install it through the Application Manager.

Important: You will need to restart your browser twice after that to enable Greasemonkey. I still haven't found the reason for this weird problem. It could be either a bug in the extension port itself or a Extension Manager issue in MicroB.

Installing user scripts contains most available Greasemonkey scripts. Search for any scripts you wish, tap on "Install this script" button on the top right of the page and confirm installation.

Greasemonkey installing user script

If you don't know from where to start, below is a list of scripts that I personally like, and others that were positively reviewed by other bloggers:

Google Scripts


Configuring Greasemonkey

As the MicroB Browser UI does not support Firefox's user interface language, this package provides a GTK+ based UI to manage user scripts. You will be asked to choose where to place this item during installation process.

Greasemonkey standalone UI

The left pane lists installed scripts and has a check button to control whether the script is enabled. Clicking the 'Details' button will show the script description and an 'Uninstall' button which will completely remove the script from Greasemonkey.

The right pane lists included/excluded pages for the selected script. Most scripts include default lists, however, users can add (using regular expression) or remove pages from these lists at any time.

In addition, there is a Web based UI, which you can access through browser URL bar: chrome://greasemonkey/content/config.html. It works pretty much like the standalone UI although it is not complete. Avoid using both at the same time as they may conflict with each other.


Some of Greasemonkey features are not supported by MicroB and may cause some scripts not to work completely. For now, these GM API functions are disabled:

  • GM_RegisterMenuCommand(): Adds a custom script command to "User Scripts Commands" submenu. Currently, it is not possible to do that in Maemo Browser UI.
  • GM_log(): Allows logging on Error Console, also not available in Maemo Browser UI.


Please, report any bugs or give feedback to The next release of GM MicroB port shall include bugfixes as well as requested features.

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Gmail Super Clean

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Google Extra

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